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Alty welcomes Greater Manchester Marathon 2017 – aka live-blogging is a logistical nightmare

1000 – it’s that time again when we all feel proud/full of admiration/sick when watching all the runners taking to the streets of Greater Manchester and, more importantly, our lovely streets of Altrincham at the halfway point.

Carting my other half’s rucksack, bagged a seat at the totem, ready to cheer, wave and all other weird spasms as the plucky athletes pound past

1006 first runners pass through. I can’t find camera icon quick enough


1007 tram arrives bringing more supporters. I continue to struggle operating iPad

1017 runners coming thick and fast, entertained by Loose Change

1018 I start to realise the logistical nightmare that is live blogging

1038 turns out you can’t clap and film simultaneously

1050 service resumes after sees husband run past – missed him previous two times so big moment – actually smiling

1050 fabulous Loose Change still going strong

1053 I see good friend Stu unexpectedly and shout in daft voice  to good friend Stu to 

go on…

1057 runners coming over Moss Lane – for those with a very keen eye, you might spot shy and unassuming Tesco…


1100 fantastic support from the people of Altrincham et al – fuming I didn’t think of bagsying the totem pole

1105 time to leave the streets of Alty and head to the finish line. Tram full of supporters doing same. I want a bangy thing.

Just realised I don’t have a pic of a bangy thing on tram. Poor show from me

1130 for once in my life I get to the point…

…at Old Trafford cricket ground (how hilarious).

Disappointed that it’s not open for supporters but need to keep remembering it’s not about me. Not just about me.

1135 finish line in sight 

1145 found nice spot in gardens with fellow supporters and lots of children having fun 😃

1230 half an hour spent recovering version of blog post I’d deleted by mistake 👍🏻
2112 epilogue will follow tomorrow. I think I’m better at epilogues. Thank you for reading 😊😊

the following day (just)

2309 in summary, 10/10 to all those running in yesterday’s Greater Manchester Marathon. Special mention to all those who came out in support in Altrincham and all those towns along the route. 

4/10 to me for my shaky, wobbly, haphazard live blogging performance – it would have been 3/10 but I’m proud that I didn’t drop either my iPad or iPhone or both on Station Road. Or cry. Or get sweary in front of families when I temporarily lost a whole hour of blog updates 

Fin 😀

Ps, he got a personal best ☺️