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Ice cold in Alty

It’s been weeks now.

I’ve coughed my way round Altrincham, sniffed my way round Hale, erm…eye-streamed my way round…Bowdon?

It’s colds season and I’m really being spoiled this year.

You’re supposed to just wait it out, deal with the symptoms but I’m over this and want to get over it.

I’m terrible at being a cold sufferer. I wince at paracetamol as I’m terrible at swallowing tablets, gip (it’s a word) when drinking anything dissolvable, and I won’t blow my nose. I know. I struggle with it though, don’t understand the mechanics and find it awful. I try, but I can’t (I also can’t tie my shoelaces in the traditional sense but one blog post based embarrassing confession at a time, eh?).

Yes, I’m the phantom sniffer on the Alty to Manchester tram each morning. Honorary Manc wrote a blog post on tram commuters and the tribes to be found last year (yep that’s me) but she (me) neglected to include sniffers (also me)…

Added to this, I haven’t done dry January, Veganuary (although I did for 3 days before I forgot and ate a sausage roll), or indeed any other ‘anuary.

So I need help. And I need to start with banishing this cold and getting my body back to something that resembles healthy and untouched by the festive season.

To randomly paraphrase tantric-centric Sting, I’ve sent an SOS to the world (well Timperley), and have received a helping hand from the Urban Based Herbalist, Marie Mulcahy:

Urban Based Herbalist

Marie has shared some pearls of wisdom and remedies and for anyone else suffering from a combination of a drop in temperatures, over-exposure to central heating, the excesses of food and drink and all round post-Christmas misery, we can try Marie’s remedies together…

You can’t get rid of a cold overnight. A cold or flu is part of the body’s defence healing mechanism all the symptoms sneezing, sweating, and coughing is the body trying to get rid of the bacteria and or virus that has invaded it. You can help relieve the symptoms herb ally by using the following approaches:

Tisane foot bath and well being drink

Dunk your feet in a strong infusion of the following herbs. Fresh or dried or as a last resort tinctures use 5ml of each herb of from a good health food shop.

If fresh leaf three teaspoons, if dried two teaspoons of the following:

Peppermint, garlic (crushed) Echinacea, thyme and rosemary. Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over the herbs. Let It stand for 3o mins with a cover on top this will bring all the essential oils and the active plant ingredients out of the herbs. When cool enough to put your feet in pour into a bowl with the tisane and steep your feet for 10-15 mins. Do three times a day.

Also the above mix can be made up and put in a flask and drunk throughout the day as an herb tea. Every two to four hours a cup.

Fire mix for a sore throat

Two teaspoons of dried sage leaves.

200ml of boiling water

Small sliced cayenne pepper

Or a pinch of dried chilli powder

Two tablespoons of the best honey you can afford raw or Manuka best as it has the most antibacterial, anti-viral properties.

Pinch of sea salt.

A table spoon of apple cider vinegar organic is key.

Mix sage and Cayenne or chilli powder in jug pour over the water leave to infuse for 10-15 mins add the salt and great for killing off infection add honey and vinegar and stir well and gargle three times a day also you can put it cold into a small spray bottle that you can use throughout the day to spray on the back of your throat.

Take warm baths with Epsom salts not too hot

General tips

Don’t do a fierce work out your body need to re-cuperate. That’s why the Victorians used to take a period of covalence as they knew the body needed time to rest.

You can do gently exercise such as yoga or Pilates.

Don’t try and exercise till you stop, streaming, coughing etc. it only prolongs the recovery process.

Do not do a fierce gym work out or hard running etc. with a bad cold or flu you will exhaust your body when it needs the rest.

To rebuild your immunity and as a prevention look at adaptogens such as ashwaganda. Adaptogens (all good herbalists can take you through their use or a good health food shop) help the body deal with stress. The less stressed you are the less likely you are to be hit by a cold or flu.

Finally, and this is one we all know…

Prevention is better than cure.

We can do this and it will be March before we know it.

A progress report will duly follow and for those who are interested in more from the Urban Based Herbalist, click here