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Altrincham, say hello to my Tre Ciccio

Tre Ciccio means three chubby friends.

Is that not the mostly lovely translation you ever did hear?

Such a lovely language.

After trips to Venice, Rome and with the prospect of a three week trip round parts of Italy for my honeymoon, I vowed to learn Italian.

I couldn’t keep saying


to absolutely everything. Embarrassing.

At the time I was commuting every day to Leeds and so had plenty of train time to learn the language, 5 days a week.

Armed with the CDs (yes CDs) I started in earnest. I abandoned my mission in earnest too, rocked asleep by Transpennine Express (my excuse) sooner than you can say

sogni d’oro

(thank you google).

In fact during that futile attempt to make an effort, the only phrase that stuck was

Mi dispiace

I think mostly because I’m a serial apologiser (apologist?), but mostly because of the comedy, growly way it was said on the CD.

Yes, CD.

Anyway I have been back to Italy a couple of times since and am still pulling prego out of the bag, but at least internally I’m screaming mi dispiace each time.

And then it’s phrases like tre ciccio which make me want to download a podcast or something and engage more in the language than simply listening to it, googling it and knowing my favourite dishes.

And so we get to the point and the hidden charm that is Tre Ciccio.

Hidden isn’t entirely appropriate as a description, given that at the time of writing it only fully opens tonight and so it’s been less hidden, more actually not there yet.

But everything about Tre Ciccio makes you feel like you’ve discovered something special and secret. This could be down to its unassuming appearance – small, quaint but stylish and the narrow staircase which takes you down to what feels like an exclusive space which is candlelit and intimate (I can’t speak for the daytime yet).

Invited to the soft launch the evening before Moss Lane’s Tre Ciccio’s official opening on Valentine’s Day, I was lucky to try the latest arrival to Altrincham’s fast-growing gastronomic scene and I’m already looking to book in again to share the experience with my partner in crime.

We return to our lovely three chubby friends when we learn that chef Francesco took inspiration from a family run village restaurant he visited when on a return home to Campania, Southern Italy. Luckily for Altrincham, Franceso and two friends from the industry have turned what was a vision into reality right here.

What sets Tre Ciccio apart from the others is its signature dish of Roast Chicken and Potatoes. Or

Pollo Arrosto e Patate

Like the rest of the menu, the section dedicated to the Pollo was select, offering a small but adequate range of variations on a theme and not overwhelming, as some Italian menus can be, concentrating on a select range of anti pasti, salads and pizzas, in addition to the

Chicken and potatoes

(doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Mi Dispiace.

To start I tasted the Cuoppo Fritto:

The batter was light and tasty, the fish inside soft and juicy in all the right places.

Presentation was cute but not gimmicky, in a paper cone reminiscent of the seaside.

Back to the aforementioned 3 week English speaking trip…

Prego and so forth

we took in 6 separate destinations and quickly developed a constant variable by which to compare each place – the caprese.

Caprese takes mozzarella and tomatoes and generally basil – three beautiful flavours and colours – the Italian flag on a plate if you like. We consumed a high number of caprese and so have declared ourselves subject matter experts.

Tre Ciccio offered up a caprese salad – rocket, tomatoes and mozzarella, and I arrogantly declare it lovely. Tomatoes juicy yet firm, mozzarella creamy, rocket rockety! Peppery and fresh. I’m not going to delve into my thesaurus here.

And so we head back over to the chicken.

So original to see this dish, and variations thereof on an Italian menu.

Again, inspired by the southern region of Italy, I had the plain roast chicken and potatoes and there was nothing plain about it.

The flavours were out of this world – such a seemingly simple dish (although I doubt the attention to flavours and cooking method were without incredible thought and execution, given what I tasted) there’s nowhere to hide.

Tre Ciccio can stand proudly by this dish and I think it will ultimately be what sets them apart in the Italian dining world of Altrincham. I’m not adding any sort of hierarchy as all bring something great to the literal table but this is definitely what should take you to try Tre Ciccio for something different.

The skin is well seasoned and mouth-watering, the meat succulent, the potatoes possibly the best roast potatoes (I can’t deal with the term ‘roasties’ sorry – I’m precious I know ) up there with the best I’ve ever had if I’m honest. Fluffy, flavoursome and crispy in all the right places.

I promise upon ordering that I’d asked for a portion just for one (pinky promise) but ended up with a portion for two and much as I could probably have demolished it eventually (it was that good), I instead tried to retain some small piece of dignity.

I bravely asked for a doggy bag.

I’m actually lying, that concept traumatises me in case I’m told off for asking (I’m admittedly the biggest baby this side of Brooklands), my lovely fellow blogger Skinny Kitchen Secrets asked for me and those lovely people did oblige:

Dessert and I bore people to death with my

I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I mean I like sweet things but would rather have a starter or something savoury blah blah blah

But I took one for the team and tried dessert so that my lovely readers (my mum) don’t have to – yet you must.

I tried two.

Count them.

Well I shared.

It was tart Tuesday people (in my world anyway)! And both were beautiful. Special mention goes to the pistachio ice cream adorning the chocolate tart

Torta al Choccolato

And the light refreshing sorbet on the lemon tart.


Torta al limon

On each, the base was light and crumbly, hosting (yes hosting) rich dark indulgent chocolate on one and zingy, refreshing lemon on the other.

Again, keeping the thesaurus on the shelf, I will simply say that as someone without out a sweet tooth, I could have eaten both. Twice over.

All in all, I was lucky to be invited to try Tre Ciccio at their soft launch but can say that I will be back in the next couple of weeks with my husband who would like to eat there without doing it from my doggy bag too. And I can’t wait to take him.

Altrincham, make your acquaintance with these delightful three new chubby friends –

You can say prego to me later.

(Mi Dispiace if that’s the wrong use of prego)

All the deets